Bieler Law, P.C. has an AV rating from Martindale-Hubbell. Founding member, Bill Bieler, has 25 years experience practicing law in Montana. For the first third of his career, he represented insurance companies while working for a civil defense firm in Missoula. Since then he has primarily assisted clients who have claims with their insurance company, as well as clients who have experienced a serious injury, which also involves an insurance company.

To ensure that his clients receive the best possible results, Bill often associates with larger trial law firms and highly specialized attorneys across the state with whom he has developed relationships with over the years. While Montana is a large state geographically, it is still small in terms of the State Bar. Attorneys and insurance companies across the state know which lawyers get results. Bieler Law is dedicated to obtaining the best possible results for each client.

To meet the needs of our local citizens, neighbors, and friends, Bieler Law has also developed a niche in the area of real estate transactions and farm and ranch probates. Bieler Law has highly skilled paralegals who assist in these areas of practice.

Bieler Law represents clients throughout northcentral Montana and the Golden Triangle, which is encompassed by the 9th Judicial District.